Have yourself a merry little blissmas

After a difficult year maybe it’s okay to indulge in some schmaltz, says Tanya MeesonWoman&Home, December 2022 There’s a moment close to December that shifts the balance of the year full tilt into year-end jollies or the screaming heebie-jeebies, depending on where your musical proclivities lie as you stroll the shopping aisles selecting your veggies.Continue reading “Have yourself a merry little blissmas”

Before the new togetherish, a bit about the old wee-boo wee-boo…

This week I decided to move on from my personal Wee-Boo*. But before I talk about the ‘moving on’ part, I think I should just flesh out what this is. (Wait. If you don’t care about the backstory, just jump to the togetherish part by clicking this link.) The Wee-Boo is the plaintive cry ofContinue reading “Before the new togetherish, a bit about the old wee-boo wee-boo…”