A love letter to libraries and a confession

Dear Cape Town Library, about that thing that happened 30 years ago… I’m participating in my first (mini) book fair this weekend and it’s being held at the Tokai Library. So I feel like this is the perfect time for a confession. Right. Here goes… For years I’ve been too scared to apply for aContinue reading “A love letter to libraries and a confession”

AW6: Recovering a Sense of Abundance

Whatever would Grandmother say about all this frivolous nonsense? Frivolous. The word really struck a chord in this week’s unpacking of Cameron’s Artist’s Way in Week 6, Recovering a Sense of Abundance.  Growing up, frivolity was not allowed. It was “being silly” and silliness was for silly people and we were not silly people. If cleanlinessContinue reading “AW6: Recovering a Sense of Abundance”