This is the way the world ends

This is the dream in three parts. Scene 1We are preparing. We have heard. I am in a lush suburb that feels like the countryside. Unseen, camps have been made. More in concept than being visible. What is visible is the garden, the tree lines, the rich soil, the beautiful blue sky. I have becomeContinue reading “This is the way the world ends”

What you need to know about self-publishing

Well, I said I was only going to write only two posts about my experience with publishing The Fulcrum, one about traditional publishing and one about self-publishing. So here’s the one about self-publishing. I can’t say it’s a thrill-a-minute read, but it’s a good starter-pack of ‘Valuable Insights’ for those who care. First things firstContinue reading “What you need to know about self-publishing”

How to not be sad when trying to get a book published

I guess this is hardly a great sell for The Fulcrum (Hey! No publisher wanted my book but you should totally read it!) and so I will only post two blogs about the shittiness of getting it into the world: one about (trying to get on the bandwagon of) traditional publishing and one about self-publishing.Continue reading “How to not be sad when trying to get a book published”