How to not be sad when trying to get a book published

I guess this is hardly a great sell for The Fulcrum (Hey! No publisher wanted my book but you should totally read it!) and so I will only post two blogs about the shittiness of getting it into the world: one about (trying to get on the bandwagon of) traditional publishing and one about self-publishing.Continue reading “How to not be sad when trying to get a book published”

The Fulcrum

Every generation faces its own apocalypse… In Chicago, part-time bookkeeper and burlesque dancer Camille discovers she’s pregnant with a child she doesn’t want. In Baltimore, brilliant virologist Jacob is being courted by a rich, and deeply sinister, patron. And in Verona, grumpy Father Antonio is beginning a great, secret journey. Again. The history of humanityContinue reading “The Fulcrum”