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Into the light

The golden thread of spring isn’t to be found only in how it looks, but in how (and when) it’s celebrated, says Tanya MeesonWoman&Home, September 2022 The first time I went to England it was because I’d landed a job up North in a small village called Boroughbridge. I decided to arrive in autumn. ItContinue reading “Into the light”

Well. It’s done.

Last week I received my sweet, sweet 50 copies of The Fulcrum. After all the sweat, blood, tears and screaming was I elated? Thrilled? Overjoyed? No. Because the font wasn’t exactly as perfect as I wanted it to be. Long story, I won’t bore you with the details, but it involves machine error and gifContinue reading “Well. It’s done.”

To the sea

Finding your tribe is about expanding your world, says Tanya MeesonWoman&Home, August 2022 Sarah was the one who alerted me to it first. ‘Isn’t it weird how it’s always women?’ she said as we bobbed in the gentle, cool waters of False Bay. It was early morning, still summer, and the first people in theContinue reading “To the sea”

Until it is done

The proof copy is back from the printers and I am editing – once again. I started writing The Fulcrum in 2016 and it was the first novel I’d ever attempted to start with the aim of completing it.* 2016 was a long time ago in new novelist terms. A lifetime ago. Apart from everythingContinue reading “Until it is done”


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Into the woods…

Hey there. I’m Tanya, author of The Fulcrum and columnist for Woman&Home SA. You’ll find my latest columns, blogs and waffles here. Want to get in touch? Contact me here.


The Fulcrum is for readers who like some magic with their real life, some supernatural with their Sci-Fi, some retelling with some myth mixing. It’s for readers who like character-driven, plot-based fiction where genres are bent and blended, and protagonists are caught in a story not of their choosing. Read more…

In Chicago, part-time bookkeeper and burlesque dancer Camille discovers she’s pregnant with a child she doesn’t want. In Baltimore, brilliant virologist Jacob is being courted by a rich and deeply sinister patron. And in Verona, grumpy Father Antonio is beginning a great, secret journey. Again.

The history of humanity is a dance between life and death, creation and destruction. When the scales seem set towards annihilation, a balancer is born, bringing equilibrium and correcting the course.

The balancer is not born alone in the world. Since the beginning of humanity, each has been shepherded into the world by The Fulcrum. And now this ancient team – part human, part immortal – must look to the newest balancer: Camille’s unborn baby.

But this time, all is not as it seems. As the harsh Chicago winter sets in, the players in this aeons-old game will be forced to make choices they don’t want to fulfill their destinies in ways they never imagined possible…

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‘Every generation faces its own apocalypse, Pietro.
The question is, why these never come to pass…’

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