The Lamentations of Dolores Day

you drop hardly heavy to the naked sky
but huge hole you make
with nothing to show for your being
but the monotony you break

quiet hush do not speak
woman place be humble be meek
quiet hush do not want
woman place be servant offer cunt
quiet hush do not see
woman place be beg be plea
for small sentiment,
smooth-toothed compliment

Words like blood in my mouth:
to swallow or spit out?
Bleak iron memory clamp around my tongue
clutching my heart, grieving my lung;
till no breath is left to call your name.
I bite the clamp
and catch my tongue.

maybe if i’m quiet
i forget to breathe,
your image will fill
the space of nothingness
i leave

falling hard to see the square jaw above me grin
landing so thoroughly inside my awkward skin
hand come down and hit like metal again
small mercy head gone black as foot connect with broken back