AW6: Recovering a Sense of Abundance

Whatever would Grandmother say about all this frivolous nonsense? Frivolous. The word really struck a chord in this week’s unpacking of Cameron’s Artist’s Way in Week 6, Recovering a Sense of Abundance.  Growing up, frivolity was not allowed. It was “being silly” and silliness was for silly people and we were not silly people. If cleanlinessContinue reading “AW6: Recovering a Sense of Abundance”

Far from the maddening crowds

Up until the age of 30-something, I would’ve sworn on a stack of bibles that the title of Thomas Hardy’s book Far from the Madding Crowd was actually Far from the Maddening Crowd. It’s a malapropism I still love though, and this past week it’s been playing around my brain and lips. I’ve been stuckContinue reading “Far from the maddening crowds”