The Fulcrum

Every generation faces its own apocalypse

In Chicago, part-time bookkeeper and burlesque dancer Camille discovers she’s pregnant with a child she doesn’t want. In Baltimore, brilliant virologist Jacob is being courted by a rich, and deeply sinister, patron. And in Verona, grumpy Father Antonio is beginning a great, secret journey. Again.

The history of humanity is a dance between life and death, creation and destruction. When the scales seem set towards annihilation, a balancer is born, bringing equilibrium and correcting the course.The balancer is not born alone in the world.

Since the beginning of humanity, each has been shepherded into the world by The Fulcrum. And now this ancient team – part human, part immortal – must look to the newest balancer: Camille’s unborn baby.But this time all is not as it seems. As the harsh Chicago winter sets in, the players in this aeons-old game will be forced to make choices they don’t want to make, to fulfil their destinies in ways they never imagined possible…

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In South Africa
You can order your hard copy through me or buy one at The Book Lounge (delivery across SA), Liberty Books or Kalk Bay Books. If you’d like a signed copy from me, simply drop me a message via the contact form here or mail me via the button below and we’ll chat over email.

Other territories
Amazon print-on-demand is set up for most regions. Simply head on over to The Fulcrum’s book page on Amazon and place your order. The copy will be printed in your country and delivered by Amazon.

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Alternatively, there is also the e-book. The Fulcrum should be available on all major e-book distributors, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for on your favourite channel, check out my Smashwords book page here.

But I don’t have a Kindle or a Kobo!
You don’t need one! Delightfully, e-publications can be read on any device, including your phone, laptop or pad. Once you buy your copy, a little code is downloaded with it to optimise it for your device and voila! You don’t even need the Kindle app.

The Fulcrum is for readers who like some magic with their real life, some supernatural with their Sci-Fi, some retelling with some myth mixing. It’s for readers who like character-driven, plot-based fiction where genres are bent and blended, and protagonists are caught in a story not of their choosing

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